University Safety Emergency Call Stations

Designed to provide protection and easy access to emergency services to people in large open areas, Emergency Call Stations are a direct line to 911 and help to prevent crime. These towers are commonly placed in college and commercial campuses, parking lots, downtown areas, and parks. These towers help to give pedestrians peace of mind that if an emergency occurs, they can contact police or EMS quickly.

Emergency Call Station

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These emergency call stations are made from heavy-duty aluminum painted blue and have LED lighting on all four corners to make them easy to spot in any location they are installed. Easily customize these towers to meet the needs of your area. From cameras to strobe lights, these emergency call towers can integrate seamlessly into your security system.

Accessories to Place Your Emergency Call Station

Along with the call stations, we also offer two Fast Foundations Anchors for easy installation. These anchors allow you to place your call station easily without any headaches. Whether you need to install your emergency call station in a parking lot or the middle of a park, our anchors can sturdily ground it.

Fast Foundation Anchors