Gooseneck Keypad & Intercom Stands

Do you need a sturdy, functional stand for your keypad? Have you been looking for a solid stand-up solution for your intercom? Do you need a black pad-mount stand that won't peel, fade, or chip? Gooseneck stands are the best stands on the market for intercoms and keypads. They offer a variety of features that are appealing to homeowners and business owners alike.

If you're looking for something specific in a keypad or intercom stand, you can find it in a gooseneck stand. You can get a pad-mounted stand to secure it to the ground or an in-ground stand that sticks up from the ground that can be secured to different heights. Perhaps you need a dual-height stand for twice the holding power, or a straight ADA Compliant stand for easy access to card readers. Your options don't stop there. In the scheme of colors, gooseneck stands are available in yellow, white, black, aluminum, and stainless steel. There is a stand to match your needs.

Unless noted, each stand we carry is made of 11 gauge (.120") steel. Most competitors use 14 gauge (.083") steel, making ours thicker and stronger. This means your gooseneck stand has a lesser chance of wobbling when installed. Most of the faceplates on our stands are universal, meaning they can fit thousands of electronics. 

Each pedestal neck is bent with a 6.0” center radius, giving it a tight, professional look. The powder coating process of our stands involves an intense session that makes them extremely weather-resistant. The stands we carry will last a lifetime, and then some! Have any questions? Contact our customer service team today to get answers from a professional staff.

Gooseneck Stand Types