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Landscape Stainless Steel Housing (10" W x 8" H) Lando-SS-10x8-E

Protect your card readers, push pads, and other access control devices in this landscape-oriented housing. Made of durable stainless steel to last!

Landscape Stainless Steel Housing (10" W x 8" H) Front Zoom


Use this 10 x 8 stainless steel housing to secure and mount multiple access control devices side-by-side. Our durable housings are used often at pedestrian or vehicular access points in parking, access control and gated entry applications.

This housing can fit hundreds of combinations of devices, such as card readers, intercoms, keypads, cameras, actuators, push buttons, control switches and more. When considering a housing, make sure you take into account the 1.75” distance between the top of the housing and the bottom of the cam lock.

If you are cutting out parts of the door panel to accommodate flush mount devices, please take into account the door jams on the back left and right sides of the door panel. Generally, a .5” border should be undisturbed on the left, right, and bottom when cutting to preserve these door jams (which also contain weather seals.)

This outdoor card reader enclosure has a 3.0” deep back box area. This is sufficient for most flush mount devices.

Each push button housing is washed in rust inhibitor and powder coated at 400°F to fill the open pores in the hot steel with an outdoor, polyester TGIC, UV-protected powder coat finish. Once cooled, the baked-on powder provides a tough layer to prevent scratching, rusting, or fading in the sun.

Each card reader pedestal housing also contains a weather proof zinc-plated cam lock, weather tight door panel (sealed using 3/8” weather stripping between the door panel and door jams), and 3.5” deep weather canopy for protecting your access control devices from sun, rain and snow.

The backside contains 12 knockouts for various mounting options on any gooseneck pedestal, bollard or wall and a centered 1.8” diameter hole for conduit access. The door panel is easily removable (from the inside) and is made from 16-gauge steel that can be cut and drilled for flush mount electronics.

This stainless steel housing arrives fully assembled, includes cam lock and key, and features a removable door panel and a stainless steel hinge that won't rust.


  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 10"
  • Top Overhang: 3.5", tapers to 1.75" at sidewall bottom
  • Back Box Area: 3" D
  • Total Depth: 6.5"
  • Finish: Black Wrinkle TGIC Outdoor Polyester Powder Coat
  • Knockouts: qty 16, 0.25" diameter
  • Center Hole: 1.75" diameter

Housing Cutout Guidelines

Additional Information

SKU Lando-SS-10x8-E
Color Silver
Dimensions 10" W x 8" H
Orientation Landscape
Material Stainless Steel